Rates and Services



Our standard rate for proofreading and copy editing is $1.20 per 100 words; however, there is there is a minimum charge of $10 for any documents under 800 words. The price for larger documents such as theses or books is negotiable. If you would like a free quote, or if you have any questions feel free to contact us at cabotediting@gmail.com.

What do we edit?

Cabot Editing provides services primarily for university students, working professionals and businesses and organizations. We edit university papers at all levels, journal articles, business presentations and reports, memos, resumes and any other type of writing that needs to be checked over. We are highly experienced in meeting the needs of ESL students and non-native English speakers and working with medical, technical and highly scientific material is not a problem.

Most documents are edited in Microsoft Word format using the “track changes” option, though we do work with other formats as well. The charge is based on the word count of the document, but we do not include references, citations, tables and figures or anything else that does not need to be edited in the word count and you will not be charged for them.